Monday, April 18, 2011

...POLITICS Part 2

I Like these also...deep meaning huh?!!


Seriously, I LOVE this...
funny yet informative..kekekeke

mayau looks at POSTERS!!!(election)

Yesterday, I voted for the future of my ultramen. Yup, Im happy THEY won..cos who else, right??!!!

I got the chance to snap some of the election campaign posters n banners, cos after this..they will not be seen anymore for at least 3 or 4 years from now...
Some shots were from my car...sorry!Too many traffic made me hard to make a stop to snap pictures, so I snapped while driving...meriah betul kan...kekekeke

Im confuse..which party dia sokong nie??

 3 Malaysia?Nice...I hear no words, I see no act,I utter no words...

 The mascot is cute! Where can I get it?Guardian?!!

 He's jelous cos both got young wife..hehehehe

 hehehe...Taib 30 years..them??!!

 actually this poster shows 3 great white sharks.(Ok, Im exaggerating)...swimming around the sarawak map..

THIS POSTER IS THE BEST!!I'll vote both of them...
told ya the mascot is cute..wonder, do I have to vote them in order to get one?Bolehlah..please!!!!