Monday, April 18, 2011

...POLITICS Part 2

I Like these also...deep meaning huh?!!


Seriously, I LOVE this...
funny yet informative..kekekeke

mayau looks at POSTERS!!!(election)

Yesterday, I voted for the future of my ultramen. Yup, Im happy THEY won..cos who else, right??!!!

I got the chance to snap some of the election campaign posters n banners, cos after this..they will not be seen anymore for at least 3 or 4 years from now...
Some shots were from my car...sorry!Too many traffic made me hard to make a stop to snap pictures, so I snapped while driving...meriah betul kan...kekekeke

Im confuse..which party dia sokong nie??

 3 Malaysia?Nice...I hear no words, I see no act,I utter no words...

 The mascot is cute! Where can I get it?Guardian?!!

 He's jelous cos both got young wife..hehehehe

 hehehe...Taib 30 years..them??!!

 actually this poster shows 3 great white sharks.(Ok, Im exaggerating)...swimming around the sarawak map..

THIS POSTER IS THE BEST!!I'll vote both of them...
told ya the mascot is cute..wonder, do I have to vote them in order to get one?Bolehlah..please!!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

...tears in my eyes...betapa besarnya kuasa ALLAH!!

Amid the silent corpses a baby cried out - and Japan met its tiniest miracle.
On March 14 soldiers from the Japanese Defense Force were going door-to-door, pulling bodies from homes flattened by the earthquake and tsunami in Ishinomaki City, a coastal town northeast of Senda. More accustomed to the crunching of rubble and the sloshing of mud than to the sound of life, they dismissed the baby's cry as a mistake. Until they heard it again. (See 7 ways to help earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan.)
They made their way to the pile of debris, and carefully removed fragments of wood and slate, shattered glass and rock. And then they saw her: a four-month old baby girl in a pink woolen bear suit.
The tidal wave literally swept the unnamed girl away from her parents' arms when it hit their home on March 11. Since then her parents - both of whom survived the disaster - have taken refuge in their wrecked house, and worried that their little girl was dead. Soldiers managed to reunite the baby with her overjoyed father shortly after the rescue.
"Her discovery has put a new energy into the search," a civil defense official told a local news crew. "We will listen, look and dig with even more diligence after this." Ahead of the baby's rescue, officials reported finding at least 2,000 bodies washed up on the shoreline of Miyagi prefecture. How the child survived drowning - or being crushed by fallen trees and houses - remains a mystery. (See pictures of the calamity of Japan's quake.)
In a nation short on good news, other rescues have buoyed morale, too. In Iwate prefecture, northeastern Japan, the devastating tidal wave swept away an elderly woman along with her entire house - but it couldn't extinguish her will to live.
Rescuers found the 70-year-old alive inside her home on March 15, four days after the black tidal wave wiped out much of the region. Osaka fire department spokesman Yuko Kotani told the Associated Press the woman is now receiving treatment in a local hospital. She is conscious but suffering from hypothermia. (See how to tend to Japan's psychological scars.)

Monday, March 7, 2011

...NOT FAIR!!!

Do you think by saying sorry is enough???
Even I do not want to see the video...
You are not deserved to be human..or to live at all!!!'s all sorry because you have been caught!!


the result already out...
once again u know who win...
I love politics, but I will not give any comment...let it be...LOL
Somehow, this article, sort of analysis on why the winner wins and why the loser lose, kindda interesting...
want to read more..just surf to New Straits Times website...
psst: I do agree

mayau love ads....

nothing to write...brain-drain...hehehe
Here some of the most creative ads thah I have seen ...
Enjoy!!!(picture speaks a thousand words...)
some of them are really fuuu......penuh sindiran..